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General Aim of the A-level Course in English

The A-level course in English has a double aim: to promote practical language proficiency and to form the basis for further study in English language and literature. In addition to subcourses on written and oral proficiency (including written and oral presentation), the course includes theoretical aspects of phonetics and grammar, introductions to the cultures of the United Kingdom and the United States, aspects of literary analysis and interpretation in modern texts from different parts of the English-speaking world. The curriculum is based on the principle that the sophisticated practice of speaking, reading, and writing English requires knowledge about the structure of language as well as familiarity with a variety of cultural texts and contexts.

Subcourses and credits

  • A-11: Written Proficiency and composition (5 credits)
  • A-12: Oral Proficiency (2 credits)
  • A-13: Grammar (4 credits)
  • A-14: Phonetics (3 credits)
  • A-15: Modern Literature (4 credits)
  • A-16: Cultural Studies (2 credits)

Reading List - Spring 2002

It is important that you have the required literature before your course units begin and that you get the editions specified on this list.

All obligatory course books (marked with an asterisk*) have been ordered on your behalf at the University of Sussex bookshop and should be bought there at the beginning of the course.

Other titles on this list are recommended for self-instruction and reference. Titles preceded by (Sx) are available in the University of Sussex bookshop. The bookshop also accepts orders for other titles.

Course 11. WRITTEN PROFICIENCY (5 credits)

* Lennart Björk & Christine Räisänen, Academic Writing: A University Writing Course (Studentlitteratur)
Recommended for self-instruction:
(Sx) Sager, Engelsk översättning 1 (Gleerups)
(Sx) Brorström, De engelska prepositionerna (Liber)

Course 12. ORAL PROFICIENCY (2 credits)

Copied materials will be provided.

Course 13. GRAMMAR (4 credits)

* Hudson, Paradis & Warren, Basic English Grammar (Studentlitteratur)
* J. Svartvik & O. Sager, Engelsk universitetsgrammatik (second ed. Liber/Almqvist & Wiksell)

Recommended for self-instruction:
(Sx) J. Svartvik, O. Sager & S Hargevik, Övningsbok till Engelsk universitetsgrammatik (second ed. Liber/Almqvist & Wiksell)
(Sx) J. Svartvik, O. Sager & S. Hargevik, Övningsbok till Engelsk universitetsgrammatik: Facit (Liber/Almqvist & Wiksell)
(Sx) G. Florby & E. Fält, Grammatiskt
ABC: Grammatiska termer och begrepp för effektiva språkstudier (Scripta)
(Sx) M. Ljung & S. Ohlander, Allmän grammatik (Gleerups)
M. Ljung & S. Ohlander, Grammatik analys (workbook to Allmän grammatik, Ordspråk)

General grammatical terminology is available on the department's homepage:

Course 14. PHONETICS (3 credits)

* S. Johansson & G. Rönnerdal, English Pronunciation: A Handbook (Studentlitteratur, latest edition)

Course 15. MODERN ENGLISH LITERATURE (4 credits)

* Willy Russell, Educating Rita (New Longman)
* Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon (Vintage)
* Robert Swindells, Stone Cold (Puffin)
* M. Bradbury, (ed.), The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories (Penguin)
* John Peck & Martin Coyle, Literary Terms and Criticism (Macmillan)
A selection of 20th century British and American poetry (photocopies)

Course 16. CULTURAL STUDIES (2 credits)

* Anders Breilid et al., American Culture: An Anthology of Civilization Texts (Routledge)
* David McDowell, Britain in Close-Up (Longman)

Examples of Reference Books

(all available in the University of Sussex bookshop):
S. Hargevik & M. Stevens, English Synonyms and False Friends (Gleerups)
Norstedts stora engelsk-svenska ordbok
tedts stora svensk-engelska ordbok
Norstedts engelsk-svenska / svensk-engelska ordbok
Svensk-engelsk ordbok (Natur och Kultur)
Cambridge International Dictionary of English
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English
Collins COBUILD English Dictionary
Random House, Webster's Dictionary of American English
The Concise Oxford Dictionary
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
(paperback, Dell)
J.C. Wells, Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (paperback)
E. Wikborg & L. Björk, Sammanhang i Text (Ord och Stil, Uppsala)
English Vocabulary in Use (CUP)
McMordic, English Idioms and How to Use Them (OUP)
Hübinette/Odenstedt, Useful Expressions in English (Studentlitteratur)
Graver, Advanced English Practice (OUP)

Further information concerning reference books is given at the beginning of term.

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