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General aim of the C-level course

The C-level course in English builds on the background acquired during previous studies of English as an academic discipline. The Written Proficiency course maintains the emphasis on grammatical correctness, while also giving more attention to questions of form and style. Sociolinguistic Variation examines different kinds of variation mechanisms in contemporary English. The Text course ("Telling stories") focuses on the human need for telling stories (or mythmaking) and analyses the ways in which different kinds of language (in official documents, in literary fiction and other art forms) communicate their meaning. The course includes extracts from the Bible, Victorian poetry and painting, detective stories, novels, feature films, modern drama and official government reports. It examines the boundary between fact and fiction and between stories of public history and private memory. The distinguishing feature of the C-level course, however, is the Research Essay, a supervised independent project which occupies half the credits on the course. For their research essay subject, students can choose a literary or a linguistic specialisation.

Subcourses and credits:

C-31: Written Proficiency (2 credits)
C32: Research Essay: Literary or Linguistic specialisation (10 credits)
C33c: Sociolinguistic variation (4 credits)
C34a: Literature course: "Telling Stories" (4 credits)

READING LIST Spring 2002

It is important that you have the required literature before your course units begin and that you get the editions specified on this list.

All obligatory course books (marked with an asterisk *) have been ordered on your behalf at the University of Sussex bookshop and should be bought there at the beginning of the course.

Other titles are recommended for self-instruction and reference. Titles marked (Sx) are available in the University of Sussex bookshop. The bookshop also accepts orders for other titles.


Recommended for self-instruction:

(Sx) J. Svartvik & O. Sager, Engelsk universitetsgrammatik (second edition) (Liber/Almqvist & Wiksell)
(Sx) J. Svartvik, O. Sager & S. Hargevik, Övningsbok till Engelsk universitetsgrammatik (second edition) (Liber/Almqvist & Wiksell)
(Sx) J . Svartvik, O. Sager & S. Hargevik, Övningsbok till Engelsk universitetsgrammatik: Facit (Liber/Almqvist & Wiksell)

Course 32. RESEARCH ESSAY (10 credits)

Literary Specialisation

* Bonnie Klomp Stevens and Larry L. Stewart, A Guide to Literary Criticism and Research 3rd ed. (Harcourt Brace Jovanovitch)

Linguistic Specialisation

Copied material will be provided by your supervisor

Recommended for self-instruction:

(Sx) Lennart Björk & Christine Räisänen, Academic Writing: A University Writing Course (Studentlitteratur)


* Janet Holmes, An Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Longman)
* Peter Trudgull, Sociolinguistics (Penguin)

Course 34a. TEXT COURSE: TELLING STORIES (4 credits)

Extracts from The Bible (photocopies)
A. Tennyson, "Mariana" (photocopies) and J.E. Millais' painting.
A. Tennyson, "The Lady of Shalott" (photocopies) and W. Holman Hunt's painting.
* H. James, The Turn of the Screw (Dent)
A. Conan-Doyle, Sherlock Holmes (photocopies)
* E.M. Forster, A Passage to India (Penguin) and feature film version
Extracts from The Lake of the Woods by Tim O'Brien and from the Peers Commission report on the My Lai massacre (photocopies); viewing of extracts from Apocalypse Now
Contemporary Women's Fiction from the Caribbean (photocopies)
* Brian Friel, Making History (Faber)
* Samuel Beckett, Krapp's Last Tape (Faber)

(The texts are read in this order) 

Where indicated, photocopies will be provided of some of the above texts at the beginning of term.

Examples of reference books (all available in the University of Sussex bookshop):

S. Hargevik & M. Stevens, English Synonyms and False Friends(Gleerups)
Norstedts stora engelsk-svenska ordbok
Norstedts stora svensk-engelska ordbok
Norstedts engelsk-svenska / svensk-engelska ordbok

Svensk-engelsk ordbok (Natur och Kultur)
Cambridge International Dictionary of English
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English
Collins COBUILD English Dictionary
Random House, Webster's Dictionary of American English
The Concise Oxford Dictionary
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
(paperback, Dell)
J.C. Wells, Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (paperback)
E. Wikborg & L. Björk, Sammanhang i Text (Ord och Stil, Uppsala)
English Vocabulary in Use (CUP)
McMordic, English Idioms and How to Use Them
Hübinette/Odenstedt, Useful Expressions in English
Graver, Advanced English Practice (OUP)

Further information concerning reference books is given at the beginning of term.

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